EnBience™ – Odour Eliminator is a revolutionary spray that has proven to neutralise tobacco smoke, musty/mildew and cooking fats odours effectively and instantly. Besides being an effective room mist, it serve well as a fabric curtain and furniture refresher, carpet and shoe cabinet deodourizer. Blended with a selection of 6 (All Time Favourite Series) with different variants of powerful and longevity scents to choose from, it works as an incredible air freshener, creating a pleasant scented environment at the same time.
White Tea & Fig
Top: Lemon, Fig
Middle: White Tea Accords, Jasmine, Rose, Magnolia
Base: Amber, Musk
Refreshing white tea & fig, a scent of serenity with a pop of colour and warmth from floral, musky notes. Upon sunrise, caring fig and bright lemon greets as you take your first whiff. Gentle and uplifting notes from white tea, soft spoken magnolia, jasmine and rose join shortly after to give a hint of sweetness. The scent then slowly dilates into soft musk and amber that sets in to bring you warmth and comfort.


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