Experience the different forms of nature’s breeze with EnBience’s Breeze series which comprises of 6 refreshing scents that contain ozonic, watery and marine accords.

As bright as the mellow sun were notes of lemon, bergamot and ozonic accords, reminiscent of the brilliant sky and crystal clear waters. Nuances of rosemary, delicate neroli and jasmine adds tenderness as warm sandalwood, musk, tonka bean and oakmoss instills a sense of peace in the hearts of many as they spend their vacation at this beautiful holiday destination.

Walking through the vast meadows, a morning breeze passes. Hovering amongst the cooling mist were crisp ozonic accords and notes of melon and lychee. Wild flowers brush by beneath the touches of muguet, jasmine, water lily and rose, reminiscent of the Sun’s touches. Every step on the rich soil releases hints of sandalwood, complementing the comforting view of endless greenery and mountains lined around the grassland.

Vivid hues fill the beach as summer greets. Lively notes of grapefruit, bergamot, lemon and marine accords filled the air as the beach party begins. Upbeat and energetic notes of apple, geranium and freesia match up to the music as warm amber, musk and cedarwood wash up
by the shore and join in the joyous mood beneath the summer sky.

Cool gusts of peppermint, pine and watery accords swirled outside where everything was covered in sheets of soft snow and holiday goers were seen skiing in a distance. Aromatic lavender, basil and soft jasmine sets in as a hint of wilderness from patchouli, fir and white musk swirls in the frosty mountain air.

Gazing afar from the coast, the ocean sparkles with hues of mandarin, bergamot, lemon and grapefruit, as the golden rays peek over the horizon, illuminating the beach. The sky brightens as a zephyr of tender neroli, petitgrain and glowing peach sets in. Finally, comforting musk and vetiver surrounds like the soothing sound of waves, healing the soul with the beautifully painted view before one’s eyes.

Droplets fall continuously from the sky, releasing refreshing marine notes and invigorating lemon, reminiscent of the sun rays shining through the rain. First signs of spring emerge, unfolding it’s petals and revealing it’s blooming hues of lavender and petitgrain. As the raindrops dampen the soil, it unleashes the warmth of musk, cedarwood, precious amber and patchouli.


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